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For hungry food seekers

“What should I eat today?” might be one of the most common questions everyone is asking himself daily. With Who is cooking we offer you the free fast lane to your answer. Open the app, see what meals are available at a close distance, and get them instantly. No time-consuming menu search and study on Google or delivery platforms anymore – just easy decision making and direct pick-up.

for sustainaBle Food providers

For food services, visibility and the ability to set yourself apart from the local competition are arguably two key factors for long-term success. With our platform, we want to promote services that are aware of their environmental footprint and give them an opportunity to do good while profiting from it. No matter your size or marketing budget.

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meal sharing for everyone

Who is cooking is a unique meal sharing app that connects meal seekers and providers to change the way we handle our daily food consumption in nowadays busy world.

Food waste became a major problem in the past decades. Syncing production demand with final consumption got more complex than ever, leading to heavy waste of resources on every level in our global food system. With our app, we want to enable change and close the gap between supply and demand at the end of the chain.

Use Who is cooking to eat more mindfully and make a difference at the same time.

Now it's your turn

Our platform is still in its infancy and we work hard on it to get into the beta stage soon. Help us spread the word about our idea and sign up for our beta test group to be one of the first to get in. The faster we grow our community, the faster we can expand our small team and speed up development.

Let’s change daily nutrition for the better together.

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Find food easily, eat environmentally conscious & have fun doing it.

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For Food Services

Get visible with your kitchen's specials & contribute at the same time.

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