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Who is cooking is a food sharing app for people looking for consumption-ready meals in their area. As a commercial food service, you have the chance to take part and become visible to the just-in-time food seekers around you. Set up your profile, share your current meal offers in the app and attract new consumers on a daily basis.

Get attention -
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We know that small food providers have very limited marketing capacities to constantly attract consumers or depend on online distribution platforms to get orders in. With Who is cooking all you need is your food and current location. Just add your special offers with a few clicks at any time you like and people around will find you based on them.

Reduce food waste

Food services throw away a lot of food. So we asked ourselves: “How do we get this food, food that’s otherwise going to waste, to people instead?” With our platform you as a provider have the opportunity to reduce leftovers and profit from it at the same time. Instead of throwing them away, just offer them within minutes to hungry consumers in your area – at any time you like, hassle-free and sustainable.

How it works

1. Claim your profile with a free pre-signup.

2. We reach out to you to introduce you to the platform & next steps.

3. Add your service information and the meals you want to promote.

4. Become automatically visible with your current offers when people search for a nearby meal.

5. Serve your new customers some great food.

Minimize costs & Effort

Claim your profile to get full access to Who is cooking and all integrated tools to present your food service the way you want. We help you to leverage your surrounding potential customers at a fraction of your monthly marketing spend. Get back your independence from revenue-share-oriented partners or just start being effectively visible online for the first time.

SPECIAL OFFER: Pre-signup by contacting us before we launch and get your profile for 24 months free in return.


If you have any questions feel free to add them to your message or take a look at our FAQ.

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