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Who is cooking is a community for everyone who loves food and cares for our environment. Food service providers like you play a special role in moving our society and consumption behaviours. Get extra online visibility, activate your neighbourhood and fuel our community with as sustainable as delicious meals. Become part and move the change with us.

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Who is cooking is a social app that lets users find and offer meals in their neighbourhood at any time they like. Food service providers like you can become part of this to gain online visibility and to optimize their own food waste reduction processes.

Although we call it “restaurant” profile in the app, basically every food service provider can register and show his food offerings. Which means, if you commercially offer meals for customers, Who is cooking is the next place to be visible on. No matter if food truck, snack stand, gourmet restaurant or student canteen – the more variety, the more users on the platform, which leads to more potential visibility for your service.

We want food providers on our platform, who understand that they play a crucial role and can change the world to the better by acting environmentally conscious. We build a community where every member can benefit from each other and we want our commercial providers to promote this. For example, do not offer everything you have on your menu at the same time. Instead offer meals on a small discount, where you otherwise have to throw away left over portions the next day. We want you to gain visibility and attract new customers. We ask you to help out our planet in return.

There are two ways a food service can become part of Who is cooking:

1. You don’t have an account so far: You download the app and create a restaurant account. We then get in touch with you to onboard you and your team.

2. You already have a passive account: we are thrilled by your food and therefore put our favorites of your service already onto the Who is cooking map. For that we use all public available information to set up your restaurant profile as good as possible. We would love you to take over your account and update it as you like. In this case just write us an email to preselected@inprosa-tec.com and we will get back to you as fast as possible.

The perfect restaurant profile pictures why you are part of the movement and what you want to contribute. At the moment setup options are still limited so therefore just contact us and we will help you setting up everything the best way possible.

Ideally you always offer meals that you would need to throw the next day if you can not sell them today. This should be your main motivation using Who is cooking. Beside that, we recommend to offer specials that can’t be found on your menu to attract returning and new customers the most efficient way. Try to stick with up to three meals at a time. If you want to offer more, just contact us.

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We currently concentrate on building our community in Rostock. Use your chance and become one of the first to join us!