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Who is cooking is the first one of its kind meal platform for food lovers, food waste warriors and just-in-time meal chasers. We build an open-minded community to change food consumption to the better. Become part and move the change with us.

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Who is cooking is a social app that lets you find and offer meals in your neighbourhood at any time you like. Just create a free profile and you are good to go.

Who is cooking is a social app. That means the community is depending on a culture of offering, sharing and meeting up. That said, you don’t need to offer a meal on your own. But we promise, you will have most fun if you experience the community as a cook and a guest.

Private cooks have the option to offer their food for takeaway if they like. In that case you can request portions of the meal for takeaway. Delivery is not available.


We recommend to follow these simple steps:

1. Fill your Who is cooking profile. The community is build on trust. Show who you are and why you share your meals. (You can also link your social profiles.)

2. Do a test cooking and get an idea of how long it takes until the food is serveable. (Pro-tip: already take some pictures of the meal and upload it to your profile.)

3. Right everything your guests should know into the meal description. This way no one starts the get-together with wrong expectations. For example, give some information if you include some drinks or if people can bring their own.

4. Don’t stress yourself, enjoy your passion for cooking and be relaxed even if a guest shows up a little early or late. All of you share the passion for good food, so go from there and have a great social experience.

Of course you can! Actually it might be the perfect start to get into the community, if you are not fully on your own with the meal preparation. Just don’t forget to mention this in your meal description, so guest are not surprised.

At first, we are very sorry to hear that! Please write us an email to noshow@inprosa-tec.com and tell us the username of the guest that did not show up. Our community is based on trust and we want everyone to be reliable. Therefore we will contact the person asking for the reason and let you know afterwards.

That can happen any time. You could try to offer leftover portions for takeaway again. For the next time, check your profile and your meal description. The more trustworthy you are, the higher the chance is that someone will be interested next time.


We recommend to follow these simple steps:

1. Fill your Who is cooking profile with some interesting information about you. The more people know about you, the better you will connect when meeting for the first time.

2. Read the cooks profile and meal description carefully, to be well prepared for what to expect and what not.

3. Bring some drink for yourself or every attendee in case you want to have something special. The cook might offer something as well, but it can be a nice attention. (Bringing a small gift could also be a great start into the meetup.)

4. Be on time and show consideration for the cook as he might be a little stressed in getting everything done in time. By helping out a little you can directly dive into your love for food together, so everything should be on course for a great social experience.

Yes you can. In general, going with a friend is a good idea if you are new to the community and would feel a little uncomfortable alone.

That might happen due to many reasons. We recommend to check your profile again, add some more information about you, so cooks get a better picture of you and your life. You can also add links to your social profiles to gain even more trustworthyness.

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