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Ease up your daily food consumption, unite with food lovers around and eat more sustainably. Who is cooking uncovers offered food near you and presents your current just in time meal opportunities. From your neighbours homemade cuisine to leftovers from the bakery across the street. Find everything that is available right now within seconds.

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Find fresh food 24/7

You are not planning your daily food consumption but want to find meals fast whenever you are hungry? Then you are like us! With Who is cooking you finally get the app that upgrades your nutrition quality while fitting your busy lifestyle. Eat more conscious at every time you like.

eat Easy and sustainable

Whether you are a food waste warrior or just looking for a delicious meal – with Who is cooking you can do your part in protecting our planet. Just eat what is available within walking distance and save it from throwing.

No need anymore to regularly order delivery, wait for hours until your food arrives and let nature pay for your convenience in the end. Who is cooking is the sustainable alternative you can always check first easily.

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Share your passion for cooking

Use our platform to share your homemade food with people near you, make new friends and easily build bridges in your neighborhood. Shine as an inviting cook or take a seat at a chef’s table next door to experience authentic homemade cuisine, you might never experience otherwise. Just give it a try!

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